Nkwusm Family

Elisabeth DeRoche

My name is Elisabeth (Elisipe) DeRoche.  I am currently the new math and science teacher for Nkwusm.  I was raised in Arlee, Montana my entire life.  In my earlier years I went away to college but grew very lonesome for my home and family.  I returned to this area and went to school at Salish Kootenai College to become a secondary science teacher.  Since I have been home I have been learning so much about my culture and language.  However, it has only been within the past year tha

Jackson Sundown Adams

I am 27 years old. My grandparents are Pat and Marlene Adams. My parents are Roy and Betty Adams. I grew up with my grandma and father on the farm where we raised cattle and horses. I started learning the Salish language in the summer of 2013, when I heard of an adult language job that taught the Salish language. I applied for it and was selected for the job. It is a nine month job that ends this september 15th, knowing that it was ending soon I learned that nkwusm was hiring.

Francis Brown

My name is Francis Brown. My Mother is Betty Steele and my Father's are Ben Fyant and Harvey Brown. I have three children; Hunter Brown 9 years old, Hiram Brown 7 years old, and Brooklyn Brown 6 years old. I have been in the food industry off and on for 15 years in some capacity. I wanted to work here because I would like to challenge myself to become a speaker of the Salish language. I hope to accomplish that by working here.

Steve Arca

I grew up in Ronan, Mt. My father's name was Jerry Arca from the Skokomish(Twanah) people of coastal Washingtion Puget Sound area. My mother is Alice Smallsmallsalmon of Ronan, Mt. My maternal grandparents were Mitch Smallsalmon and Mary Beaverhead Smallsalmon. I grew up hearing the language in my younger years but never really understood more than a few words and phrases.

Gene Beaverhead

I was born to Diane Andrew on Febuary 1st 1963, and later adopted by Pete and Josephine Beaverhead. We( my brother and I) were lucky to grow up in a very traditional way. Language and culture were always number one in the Beaverhead household. Pete always told us to never forget what he had taught us. This knowledge is why I'm a teacher at nkwusm. I've been here since January of 2009 and teach k through 4th grades. This school year I will be focusing 100% on language.